First Financial Bank

Branch Prototype Design
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Making Banking Personal


First Financial Bank was looking to reposition their brand image and redefine the customer experience. Knowing our extensive background in new retail concepts, First Financial felt that FRCH was the firm to re-think the typical banking experience.


After an in-depth discovery and analysis process, the design strategy was clear. Through visual merchandising and engaging retail graphics, we would take the customer on a journey that would remind them of the defining moments of success in their lives. Their new 3,500 sq. ft. banking center would be open, transparent and accessible. From the inviting exterior design to the interior graphic communication systems, their brand would become more approachable than ever before. The new innovative branch design reflects First Financial's commitment to building client relationships instead of focusing on transactions. It's just one of the countless reasons why First Financial Bank has continued to grow amidst difficult economic times. As the brand grows, we will continue to refine their prototype design and maintain their brand integrity, moving forward. This prototype earned the bank an Award of Merit from the Retail Design Institute.