Hyatt Regency: Louisville, Kentucky

Hotel Lobby Redesign, Louisville, KY
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Rural Charm Meets Urban Living


As a joint venture with Sway Restaurant, Hyatt asked FRCH to rejuvenate the lobby in its downtown Louisville hotel, creating a loft style space that gives guests the feeling of being at home. The lobby needed to express Louisville's heritage, applying the work from local artists and companies to give the space an original personality.


The idea for Hyatt Louisville was to make common areas feel more like a home than a hotel. FRCH designed the lobby to resemble a downtown loft, using furniture, finishes and artwork that eliminates the traditional "corporate" feel of a hotel, replacing it with a calm and casual environment. Throughout the renovation, we also sought inspiration from traditional Kentucky style, incorporating local artwork and products into the design. In the spirit of southern hospitality, we needed to make the space very open and social, figuratively bringing a Kentucky estate from the countryside to downtown Louisville. Local glassblowers crafted a stained-glass backdrop for the check-in area, with backlighting brightens the space, adding an elegant touch. Spilling over from Sway Restaurant, polished wood framing and richly appointed furnishings create a tranquil atmosphere, where relaxation is the highest priority. This lobby was featured in the Fall 2012 issue of Hospitality Style, recognized for its innovation and creative touches.