Kenwood Food Court

Food Court Renovation
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Multi-zoned Dining Destination


As one of the early food courts in the country, the Kenwood Food Court was disconnected from the main mall by multiple levels of seating and encumbered by low ceilings and bad lighting. One of the challenges of the project was to create a more streamlined circulation within the mall by new circulation paths that work horizontally at the lower level and with vertical circulation from the level above. Integral to the design was the creation of simple railings and community tables to create organization in what previously had been a sea of tables and chairs.


With the line between food courts and regular restaurants blurring, the redeveloped space has gone from sterile to a welcoming multi-zoned dining destination. The creative use of standard materials, intimate lighting and comfortable dining spaces has resulted in more personalized environments appealing to a broader demographic group. With eating out fundamentally being a social activity, GGP worked with FRCH architects to recreate the food court as a true people space providing multiple experience offerings. Gone is the plastic food court. The new food court offers a variety seating options and more intimate lighting, to give the customer variety of eating places. The result is a much more personalized environment appealing to a broader market segment, whether stopping for a quick snack, lingering over a cup of coffee, meeting friends, or enjoying a more leisurely dining experience. The new food court has undergone a metamorphosis for the twenty-first century.