Lotte Guri

Department Store Design, Korea
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Elegant Merchandising with Modern Beauty


Lotte is a department store chain in South Korea that is known for its expansive showroom floors and upscale appearance. Having enjoyed positive results from previous design projects when partnering with FRCH, Lotte asked us to breathe new life into their Guri store. Lotte Guri needed to set itself apart from similar stores, drawing attention from new clientele with its modern architectural beauty, while retaining current customers with elegant appeal.


Creating a sophisticated modern design, FRCH balanced the retail environment of Lotte Guri with natural touches, offering a clean, open space with elegant accents. Finishes include reclaimed wood, natural stone, patterned screens and laser-engraved floor graphics. Bright colors heighten visual interest and draw a customer's attention toward a display or architectural focal point. Each floor in the multi-level complex was given its own personality, with applied graphics and materials used to complement each theme. The open floor plan allows each level to flow into the next one, giving customers a sense of continuity as they travel throughout the store. Light fixtures create a modern oasis of illumination, with beams of white light showering merchandise displays. The lighting also enhances depth perception, with tracks of light leading to a central vantage point within the store.