Macy's City Creek

Department Store Prototype, Salt Lake City, UT
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A Brand Evolution


Macy's new location in downtown Salt Lake City aims to maintain a simple, open design that excites loyal customers and attracts new ones. To accomplish this, Macy's consulted with FRCH Design Worldwide to develop a creative concept centered on applied simplicity, capturing the heritage of Macy's department stores with cues from modern design.


The design implemented in Salt Lake City is intended to set the standard for future re-design projects at other Macy's locations; we created a space that is true to the brand and easily transferrable among a variety of markets. As an artistic element, we designed a series of grids displayed on the ceiling, end of aisles and surrounding the escalator on each level. The pattern allows Macy's to incorporate brand architecture in a clear, elegant and compelling way in areas where no brand representation existed previously. A continuous perimeter lighting cove accompanied by halo lit focal frames create a bright atmosphere, and draw dramatic attention to merchandise. This design has a smaller footprint than previous Macy's locations, utilizing space in a clean, concise fashion.