Paramount Plaza

Revitalizing Corporate Space, Times Square
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Transforming Urban Identity


Located just north of Times Square in New York City, Paramount Plaza is a major office and mixed-use tower that was in need of repurposing. With half of the space below ground and not readily visible, the Paramount Group selected FRCH to oversee a complete re-vitalization effort, freshening the existing space with youthful graphics and modern design elements to attract new clientele.


Applying environmental graphic design to transform the space, engaging signage and graphic artwork bring life to the plaza and draw attention from potential stakeholders as they first enter. To maintain a cost effective renovation, environmental graphics help define the space, turning the plaza into a public forum, where individuals can sit, relax or partake in the nearby dining and retail options. Special design nodes pay homage to the urban setting, with features such as metal lighting pillars that rise toward vertical extensions, representing the embodiment of a New York City skyscraper. A special graphic pattern implemented throughout the plaza creates brand specific signage, giving a unique identity. The program completely transformed this nearly vacant, two-level retail and restaurant destination into a fully leased mixed-use property.