Sunglass Hut Herald Square

Prototype Design
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Sparkling Gem Within Herald Square


Situated on the main corner entrance on 7th Avenue and 34th Street, the challenge of Sunglass Hut was appealing to a wide range of customers visiting as they enter and exit Macy's Herald Square within a limited space. With the store's long, narrow footprint of just 510 square feet, it was crucial for the design to maximize space.  


The goal was to make Sunglass Hut a sparkling gem within the Macy's Herald Square, drawing customers from the adjacent shops and encouraging a premium and interactive shopping experience. To make the best use of the limited area, products are presented vertically, eliminating negative space and allowing additional sunglasses to be displayed. Storage is tucked under product displays for easy access. Floor fixtures have been removed, opening up the store for better traffic flow and for more point-of-sale space. Even with the narrow footprint, the space feels open and provides an easy shopping experience for customers. Lighting, both natural and ambient, plays a key role in the store's design. Capitalizing on the space's large, street-level glass panels, sunglasses are positioned on vertical glass fins with shelves in front of the windows, allowing natural light to stream through the store and connecting the interior and the street.