Sunglass Hut

International Prototype Design
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Something New Under The Sun


Having grown rapidly, Sunglass Hut (SGH) was confronted with a variety of retail designs, none of which related to their emerging brand essence, "Find Your Cool." Challenged with this diverse retail portfolio, SGH commissioned FRCH to develop a prototypical retail experience that would create consistency for the brand and provide global relevance for their fashion-forward target audience.


To engender international significance, FRCH developed a relatively neutral store palette that was intentionally secondary to the eyewear product sold at SGH. The contrast of light and dark materiality evokes a sense of drama, while a branded "sparkle" wall at the rear of the store adds a splash of fashion and fun that is evocative of the brand. This simple, contemporary design incorporates a robust graphics system that transforms the space and is easily changed to provide rotational messaging and flexibility for each geographic and cultural region. Along with the graphics, modular fixtures and visual tools provide constant product movement in order to keep the environment fresh. Finally, an open-sell merchandising strategy and a mirror band around the perimeter of the space, encourage product trial and eliminate queuing for mirror access. The prototype store in Reading, UK more than doubled its projected sales goal in one year. The design continues to be rolled out globally.