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We Must Protect This Brand


The sports apparel industry is as competitive as it gets, but Under Armour was beginning to make a name for its self. What it didn't have was a branded retail environment that would help take them to the next level. That's when they challenged FRCH to create a prototype design for their first full-line retail store.


Under Armour's brand personality is so well defined that our ideas came fast and furious. An opaque, concrete storefront and tunnel entrance now invite customers to "walk in the shoes" of the athlete. Strong, invigorating design features replicate the look-and-feel of a stadium locker room. A backlit footwear wall and metal fixtures resemble weight room equipment. Then, for the perfect finish, we showcased a bronze statue that perfectly captures the spirit of the athlete and, of course, the Under Armour brand. To date, Under Amour's "experimental venture" into the retail environment has exceeded their wildest expectations. Customers rave about the new store, while revenues continue to surpass their ambitious projections. FRCH also partnered in the development of their Factory Store design, which has been implemented in 100 centers nationwide. FRCH has recently kicked off a LEED program with Under Armour. Specialty Store winner from the Retail Design Institute, 2008.