University of Notre Dame

Morris Inn, Notre Dame
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Building Upon A Legacy Of Excellence


Built just after World War II, Morris Inn holds a special place in the hearts of Notre Dame alumni and benefactors, but it was due for a full renovation and expansion. FRCH was asked to conceptualize designs that would restore life to this beloved university icon central to the Notre Dame campus.


FRCH understood that for this project to be successful, we needed to celebrate the rich history of Morris Inn. It was important that our new design and addition expand upon this history in a proud and distinguished way. One of our conceptual ideas was to create a rich, verdant landscape that would make the Morris Inn a distinctive enclave at the heart of the campus. An immaculate cloistered courtyard with communal seating would be the centerpiece of the design. A green roof with planted vines would cover the porte cochere and reinforce this idea. We envisioned that the new interior design would capture the essence of the original club like atmosphere, with more vibrancy and a contemporary eye that creates great comfort, nostalgia and warmth. Timeless gothic architectural styling inspired the new and existing guestroom design. The new Tower and Ballroom addition were designed in the historic Collegiate Gothic style to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding buildings and to appear as if the new Inn had always been there.