Whole Foods, Dayton

Environmental Graphics
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Catering To The Locals


The challenge Whole Foods presented to FRCH was to creatively re-imagine a global grocer's brand identity from multiple localized perspectives, while maintaining clear visual ties to the fresh, inspiring, pure, organic and approachable filter synonymous with the Whole Foods brand.


Dayton's first Whole Foods store features a 45,000sqft open-layout concept that brings product & staff interaction closer to the customer. The community's unique heritage is built upon a legacy of innovation & aviation. The environmental graphics are bold with a friendly, casual tone, like the blueprint-inspired illustrations that speak to Dayton's industrial roots. The Wright Brothers' story is woven subtly throughout the space. The graphics infuse a signature style, an intriguing color and material palette, intuitive wayfinding, and a neighborly tone-of-voice-each strategically customized through the essential local lens. The unique graphic palette of localized brand assets expands beyond the in-store décor to multiple touchpoints, from team uniforms to printed promotions and social media. The result is a true omni-channel experience and an increase in brand loyalty from customers with a renewed sense of ownership and pride in their local, organic market.