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The Ultimate Sports Hub 


After nearly two years in business, The Cordish Companies contacted FRCH to breathe new life into the Xfinity Live! complex. While still popular, the Philadelphia sports hub was not living up to its prime real estate as a full-fledged entertainment district. Initially opening in early 2012, the original design had been restricted due to post-recession limitations so The Cordish Companies wanted a chance to refine their offerings based on guest feedback and an assessment of the needs of each venue.


In response, FRCH completed a nearly five-month expansion and renovation to the entertainment district, keying in on what the ideal gameday experience looks like, adding new bar, food and entertainment offerings. A significant aspect of the project consisted of providing a more cohesive feel throughout. While each venue has its own unique dining experience, the Xfinity complex needed a more significant and cohesive tone of voice. The solution came in the form of new, enlarged exterior graphics and consistent FF&E. Enhancements were made to virtually every square foot of exterior space, and many interior improvements were made across the multiple venues. With the expansion, Xfinity now boasts over 52,000 SF of outdoor space - demonstrating the goal to craft as much usable space from an existing footprint to create the ultimate entertainment destination for years to come.